The 5 Best Colors to Use in Your Office


Our workspaces often define the way we work. An office that inspires creativity will be both functional and chic. But a drab office? Those beige walls and broken Ikea desks will only get you so far. While we all wish for a fabulous corner office, in our own homes we can do whatever we like! The easiest, fastest way to transform your home office into a productive paradise is simple: change up your wall color! The colors and patterns you choose to incorporate into your office space will surely have an effect on your productivity.

Physiological changes occur when we are exposed to certain colors. These five colors generate different moods to build the office you desire.

Blue! Blue tones have a calming effect as they mimic the feeling of being surrounded by water; blue promotes trust, communication, and efficiency.

Interior Feature

Yellow creates a sense of optimism. This color stimulates and energizes a space, making it ideal for increasing positivity and creativity.

Like yellow, orange is a great color to bring energy into a room. Orange also generates a sense of enthusiasm and endurance, which can boost performance. With that said, shouldn’t everyone have an orange-colored room?

Red boosts your heart rate, increases brain activity, and stimulates appetite. This is the perfect color for those who work late into the night. Later in the day, we all are in need of a pick-me-up. Although coffee gets the job done, a little fire-truck engine red might just be the inspiration you all need.

Lastly, the color green Green boosts creativity, inspires innovation, promotes harmony and balance, enhances creative performance, reduces anxiety, and reduces eye strain. If you choose to incorporate this lively color in your office be prepared to execute and innovate.


 Things to Clean Before Your Holiday Guests Arrive


It’s that time again, and your holiday guests are just around the corner. We know you can’t wait to entertain, but just ensure these small, tedious tasks that we are about to explain are taken care of prior. At times, we get distracted and focus primarily on the bigger things, such as a clean bathroom a perfect guest bedroom, and the small things slip through the cracks. We have compiled a small, but effective check list to ensure your guests have nothing negative to chat about. Get cleaning!


  1. Faucets

Bacteria is everywhere, especially our bathrooms, and we often neglect to clean the sink faucets. Don’t worry! Simply get an old toothbrush and attack the sink fixture. This simple task takes minutes.


  1. Soap Dishes

Sometimes it  is the smallest accessories that go unnoticed. Soap dishes can have gooey leftovers that no one wants to come in contact with. Before your guest arrive, simply wipe down your soap dish or put out a new soap dispenser to keep your guests from using your cute soap bar.


  1. Shower Curtains

We know your bathroom is Clorox-clean, but what about the shower curtain? Shower curtains are avoided most when cleaning, but there is no reason for that. While washing towels, throw in your shower curtain and lay it out to dry when done. You never want to be that person with the mildew. Right?

  1. Pillows

Is your guest bedroom ready to entertain friends and family? We’re sure the throw blanket is perfect and there’s a new candle on the dresser, but how about the pillows? In order to impress your guests, take the guest pillows for a nice little swim in the washer. Don’t go and spend money on new pillows when you can just wash the old ones.


5.The Doormat

As your holiday guests walk in, the first thing they see is the doormat. The doormat, along with other outside, visuals are important. Doormats are inexpensive and add a pop of color to your walkway while keeping all the outside dirt outside.


Sometimes it’s the smaller things that go unnoticed (we notice). Work on these five easy tasks and wow your holiday guests with a perfectly clean house.