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5 Décor Trends You Need in 2017


New year, new décor! As the new year is quickly approaching, it’s inevitable that new trends will fall upon us. Don’t be so quick to drastically change everything in your home. We composed a list of trends for 2017 and we are loving all of them. While trends can be just what they are, trends, we picked a few that will have a lasting décor impression.


Navy Blue Interiors


When sprucing up your décor the colors you choose are vital to your interior. There are only so many tan and white-colored interiors we can handle. One of the upcoming trends is navy blue interiors. Simple, stress­-free changes will have your interior in the trending category! Adding navy blue interior such as—adding blue-colored walls, accessories, or a statement piece are just few ideas.


Copper Accents


Yes, copper! Metallics have been trending for a while now, but in 2017 copper will steal the show. The simplicity of copper is what makes it a centerpiece accessory. Take a peek at a few of our favorite copper looks.





Marble Wallpaper


Wallpaper in general has been a go-to for bathroom design, but marble wallpaper? Yes, yes and yes. Choosing the perfect wall paper can be a challenge, but once it’s selected the interior has already made a huge statement. We all want an elegant touch to our décor, well, that’s where marble accents come in.


Vibrant Jewel Tones


As if jewel tones weren’t already on our minds, vibrant jewel tones have made the upcoming trends list and we are a little obsessed. Colors from emerald to sapphire are going to be a huge trend this upcoming year. I mean, who doesn’t want colors similar to jewels being flaunted in their home?




Lucite, this can be a pondering idea for some, but others find this trend is easy to mix with any décor and any style. In the fashion industry, lucite shoes are everywhere, so why wouldn’t it be a part of our décor? Lucite tables are especially set to be a trend, particularly in the living areas.

Remember, keep it simple while you keep up with the ever-changing trends.