Q&A: Modern Architect Scott Ballard

Scott Ballard is the award-winning architect behind Scott Ballard Architect, a general architecture practice that specializes in residential design. Founded in 1987, Scott Ballard Architect has designed some of Houston’s most prominent, unique homes. Ballard will be one of the architects showcasing their work in the 2015 Houston Modern Homes Tour.

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b543e5e0-1487-463a-ac13-40f6625ea663TRV: What is your favorite element of the home on tour?

SB: The open area overlooking the pool.

TRV: When building a modern home, where do you begin looking for inspiration?

SB: I begin with the client’s lifestyle, program, and site, producing three diverse plans that meet their program. We select a plan and evolve it into their perfect plan. The final plan with the addition of volume and natural light is the inspiration for the shape of the building. This happens through countless three dimensional model studies (real models, not computer generated). I do not look to other buildings for inspiration. My goal is to produce something new, something, which has not been done before.

TRV: What drives you to build modern homes rather than traditional homes?

SB: I have no interest in replicating something that has been done to perfection in the past.

TRV: What are the typical demographics for those looking to build a modern home?

SB: I find that most of my clients are younger professionals, many involved in artistic pursuits or supporting the arts. This means they have an understanding of design but usually a low budget. Also, it seems that a great percentage of my clients come from families who had architect designed homes when they were growing up and the know the value of living every day in art, volume, and light.

TRV: As these homes are custom built, what are common (or unusual) requests that architects receive for customization?

SB: A custom home is designed to the specific requirements and dreams of a specific client, for example, the operable glass wall system that opens the entire living space to the pool area in the Thomas residence. Spec homes are designed for the general market and only address those things that make a house marketable to people with no specific dreams except maybe a plantation style porch.

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