Poggenpohl Kitchen Studio

Poggenpohl Kitchen Studio, located in the Galleria area of Houston, is a showroom offering full kitchen design and installation services. They appeal to the architectural community, interior designers, as well as the general public. Their design process is personal and signature to you. Their craftsmanship is built to last and their wide selection of colors, materials and finishes enables each customer to create their dream kitchen. Whether it’s classic or contemporary, Poggenpohl designs can be see in their magazine, online, and in homes all around the world.

P1 Pogg River Oaks


Poggenpohl is a global brand, but their showroom in Houston has helped create kitchens in different neighborhoods within the city, each one capturing the specific style of the area. This River Oaks kitchen has a simply clean design with a modern take on a classic color scheme.
P2 Pogg Montrose


Montrose is a diverse part of the city, one side of the street will be filled with contemporary townhomes behind craft beer bars and on the other, large half a century old homes sit underneath lush green trees. This kitchen, with structural shapes and dark accents, is the on the contemporary side of the street.
P3 Pogg Memorial


Memorial is an area of Houston often forgotten by those inside the loop. However, with the bayou running behind most homes and tall trees lining the roads, Memorial homes are some of the most beautiful in Houston. Poggenpohl Studio designed a kitchen that embodies the neighborhood perfectly.

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