Modern Architecture 101 and Our First Giveaway!

At The Red Vault, we’re always on the lookout for the latest trends in design. Modern Home Tours are popping up throughout the U.S. and have recently become a hit in Texas – and we’re giving away a pair of tickets to this weekend’s Houston tour! Visit our Facebook page to view all the details and enter to win two tickets to Modern Home Tours’ Houston showcase on Saturday, September 26.

To bring you up to speed on modern architecture, we went to a Modern Home Tours to get the scoop!

: What do you look for when selecting a home to be featured in the tour?

MHT: When we curate our tours, we look for great examples of modern homes. We’ve always felt that ‘modern’ is a very specific style, but it comes in many different shapes and styles.

Simply put: you know it when you see it. The main elements we look for are: an open floor plan, clean lines, lots of glass (and natural light), and – something we have seen a lot more of recently – use of recycled materials and high energy efficiency/green builds.

TRV: What drives you to showcase modern homes instead of traditional homes?

MHT: Easy. Modern is more exciting. There are a lot of great homes being built. Beautiful homes – but when you see a modern home, there is something so unique and mesmerizing about it… it’s that feeling we want our visitors to experience each and every time they walk up to a home. We love modern architecture and we want to give everyone a chance to fall in love with the modern style for themselves.

TRV: What are the typical demographics for those looking to build a modern home?

MHT: The homeowners that participate in our tours come in all forms and demographics. From couples to families to retirees and sometimes the architects themselves. They are all different but they all share one thing in common: a love of the modern style.

TRV: Is there a region where these kinds of homes first began as a trend?

MHT: Modern Home Tours started in Austin about a decade ago. Five years ago, we expanded to Houston and three other cities. Now, Houston is one of our biggest strongest and most exciting cities every year. Other cities where modern architecture reigns supreme are Portland, Seattle, Silicon Valley, San Diego and L.A., and Denver. Our 3 biggest tours are Austin, Houston and Portland. The modern homes in these areas are really some of the best, and the community loves to celebrate them.

Ready to enter for a chance to see Houston’s best modern homes up close and personal? Head to our Facebook page! You can also read about a few of the homes on tour from Scott Ballard Architect, Merge Architects and studioMET Architects on our blog.