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The Red Vault wants to support and showcase premier designers, design services, architects, furniture showrooms, antique dealers, and all related design businesses. TRV connects homeowners, discerning buyers, design enthusiasts and other professionals with exceptional services and resources. Through our abundant and well-integrated social media platforms as well as an online and printed magazine, The Red Vault is leading the conversation for design and lifestyle in Texas.


The Red Vault is looking for partners to help their subscribers and members connect with even more design resources, products and creative ideas. If you have products or services related to anything in the world of design, be it furniture or fashion, landscaping or even lamps. We want to partner with you and work together to make The Red Vault the biggest resource in the Texas design community.

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You will have access to editorial coverage on The Red Vault Website, Vault Magazine (quarterly publication), advertisement opportunities on our website, magazine and weekly newsletters and the chance to be a part of the fasted growing design and lifestyle resource tool to help Texans live a more designed lifestyle.