Interior Spotlight: M2 Design Group

Carrie Maniaci is the principal designer and owner behind the M2 Design Group. Carrie has spent the last 20 years traveling all over the world, and her life and career experiences have allowed her to see first-hand what other cultures bring to the design arena. She has a unique perspective and understanding of how to incorporate different styles while making the overall scheme flow and bring to life the clients vision.

Carrie is known for her ability to integrate design experience and artistry with the gift of really connecting to her clients. She gains an understanding of each client’s desires and dreams for their home and then collaborates with them to refine that vision and bring it to life. One of the things that most stands out about Carrie’s work is her ability to achieve a balance between traditional and contemporary styles. Though the spaces she designs are typically transitional with an edge, they retain a classic sensibility making them timeless.


All images via: M2 Design Group