Interior Feature: Spring Flower Arrangements and All the Essentials


With spring in full bloom it’s no surprise that flower power is in full effect. Need to spruce up a bedroom? Or do you need a statement piece that is as fresh as a Key lime pie? Whatever the case, a well-crafted flower arrangement will do the trick. Let’s get straight to it­­: here are our top five arrangements to cheer up any space.


  1. Blue Colored Vases

Blue, sky blue, teal or turquoise—whichever hue of blue! Choose a blue-colored vase to bring a bold vibe to the designated space.


  1. Roses and Peonies


Yes, you can mix and match! Combing in roses and peonies doesn’t take much effort, but will always look lush and classic.


  1. Purple Lilacs


If you’re in need of an uplift of energy, these colored lilacs will definitely do the trick. The best thing about lilacs is that you can never have enough, so keep on pilin’.


  1. Long, Flowery Branches

Yes, yes, and extra-long! There is nothing that opens a room then a center piece of long branches. In order to complete this look; use a clear vase to ensure the full branch is visible.


1.Calla Lilies


Yellow calla lilies, to be exact. The best part of spring is, of course, the fun and everlasting color palette. A fresh bouquet of calla lilies can be just what you need to change the  feeling of any room. Flowers are one thing, but yellow calla lilies will do wonders.


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Happy flowering!