Interior Feature: Lazy Sundays Should Always Include Sunrooms

Sundays can be a love/hate affair! As Sunday quickly approaches on repeat every week its bound to be a great lazy day. In order to have a successful lazy Sunday, make sure that your designated sunroom is ready to give you that all-day lazy and relaxed feel. Use these helpful ideas in order to ensure your sunroom is #VaultApproved. Here are a few of our favorite sunroom ideas that are simple to incorporate:


A round chic mirror.

One of the many home trends this year is the round mirror. Although people steer away from them and would rather hang a piece of art work, incorporating a circular mirror helps create a relaxed tone for your sunroom.

Photo Via: My Domaine

A hammock inside.

When it comes to sunrooms there are no rules. A sunroom is your lazy Sunday hideaway and if you want a hammock inside just do it!

Photo Via: Apartment Therapy

A pair of glass doors.

Your summer sunroom wouldn’t be completed without a pair of glass doors. The glass doors will help to create an indoor and outdoor space while allowing the openness to give the room a little length.


Beach-inspired interiors.

Beach-inspired interiors are a must—beaches are the most relaxing place on earth don’t you think? Since lazy Sundays literally mean sitting down and doing nothing, you should at least have beach-inspired interior. The blue hues always bring a sense of relaxation whatever the occasion.

Image Via: Tuvalu Home

Be sure to get your Sunday sunroom ready with our simple and summer-filled ideas.