Interior Feature: Doll Up Your Dorm Room in Style

Where did summer go? It’s finally that time—time to decorate your dorm with style and grace. With summer vacation ending and college about to begin, it’s vital to start brainstorming the chic and trendy ways to decorate and doll up your dorm. Here are some simple tips to ensure that your dorm is the most stylish in your hall:


Visualize The Space You Want


Okay, so you’re standing in your dorm most likely with a twin-sized bed and a small dresser. First, take a look around and think of all the spaces that you want to have—a study space, an area to get ready in storage. Envision your perfect room back home and plan ways to bring those old-room vibes to life. Space in dorms is limited, but don’t limit all the curated space you can create!


Choose Compact Furniture


Choosing the pieces that will give you extra space by being multifunctional is exactly what you need. A futon or a daybed can both serve as a bed and later transition into the perfect sitting area for your friends. Adding a chic throw blanket along with a couple of decorative pillows will perfect your limited space.


Coordinate with Your Roomie

We are not by any means telling you to get the same exact comforters as your roommate, but a coordinating a color scheme won’t hurt. For example, if your roommate has too many colors going on, simply take one of those colors and use that color to use as a color block for some throw pillows, a stylish lamp or even a simple sophisticated rug.


Play Dress Up


Have fun with your bland dorm room walls. Decorate your most likely white walls. Get together with your roomie and select decals and artwork to showcase your different styles.


Add Art


Adding your taste in artwork can really define just who you are and where you came from. Add a few simple pieces of art, and your dorm room guests will fall in love with your décor.

Image via: Pinterest

When dolling up your dorm room, always be sure that your personality is showcased on your side of the room. Ensure that you choose furniture, art, décor, and elements that really define who you are as a person. Don’t be afraid to show your freshmen classmates your dorm room style. Share your door room life with us and use the hashtag #VaultApprovedDorms.