Interior Feature: Budget Friendly Renovation Tips

It’s no secret that renovating a home can quickly get more expensive than you expected. Of course, you want to update your home in the most affordable way possible. Giving your home a facelift can be simple and cost effective if you’re willing to put in a little bit of elbow grease!


Renovate your home on a budget with these four tips:


Add color

Color brings any space to life. If you’re redecorating a room, simply painting an accent wall or your ceiling can add a whole new element to the room. It’s an inexpensive and efficient way to add a new touch to the space. Accent walls can also tie into your throw pillows, artwork, or furniture!



A fast and efficient way to update your home and give it a bit of style is to add a trim or crown molding to your walls, mirrors, or windows. This will do wonders for your space and doesn’t empty your wallet. A simple trim can modernize the space. This is an easy task to do and doesn’t take long!



Adding a backsplash to your bathroom or kitchen will give the space a whole new look. A backsplash is a budget-friendly update and is easy to install. From tiles, and wooden panels to mosaics, backsplashes can look just about any way you want. This project will take time to complete, but it will add some style to your home!



Have wooden chairs, tables or dressers that need a makeover? A quick and efficient way to bring new life into them is to add a coat of paint! Whether it’s a bright or neutral color, painting or repainting will give the wood a dated look. Painting isn’t a difficult renovation task and it’s something that can be done quickly. Choose a color that will give the piece personality and allow it to make a statement in the room!


Your home can get the renovation it needs without costing you a fortune with these tips. Implement these into your renovation plan, and your wallet with thank you!