Interior Feature: 4 Stylish ways to upgrade your bathroom

Ways to upgrade your bathroom

Your bathroom area should always be a calm and peaceful oasis. Is yours? Even if you don’t have the luxury of having a bathroom that is just for you, we have some stylish tips to ensure that when you do have your bathroom time, it’s to your liking.


The bathroom should be the room in the house that is always clean or in the process of being cleaned. No one ever comes over and asks to use your bedroom. It’s always the bathroom that everyone is obsessed with. These simple and stylish tips will assist in ensuring your bathroom meets your needs while satisfying your house guests.


Less Is More

No one wants to spend time in a crowded room. After all, this is a space we all go to in order to unwind and freshen up.  Simple and clean with minimal décor is all you need.

Memorial Park Project By Pamela Hope Designs
Memorial Park Project By Pamela Hope Designs

Needed Space

Ensure that you have a designated spot for all your beauty essentials. Designate a drawer or organizer so that you have a space that is specifically for you. This is a great tip for everyone in the household if you share with multiple people.

Pamela Hope Designs
Pamela Hope Designs

 Any Accents

When choosing a color for your bathroom or colors to use for décor, ensure that you have a bold accent to excite the room. A white-painted bathroom with white décor could come off as a classy and clean look, but adding just one bold element of color with style up your space.


Something Soothing

A large or small absorbent rug for the feet should do. No one, and I mean no one, wants to exit the shower to a cold and wet floor. It’s the little details that will ensure that your bathroom time is never ruined. Plus, adding a simple rug will help bring the bathroom coziness.


Updating any area of your home should be fun and rewarding. While you’re reworking your bathroom you might want to consider changing the color.


Here’s what you need to know about color trends!