Interior Feature: 4 Savory Summer Colors for Summer 17

Now that spring cleaning is just about done, it’s time to revamp your space with a hot summer color. Break out a fresh and defined color to make your space feel magical for this hot summer to come! These are our four favorite hues that are cool for the summer.


  1. Cobalt Blue

This color is lighter than navy blue, but darker than sky blue. Why not use a blue to cure any summer blues? Colbalt blue might be the bold color that you need to lighten up any space.


  1. Sunny Yellow

Yellow–because no one ever gets sad about this happy banana color. If painting your walls this color is too extreme for you, don’t worry, simply use other decorative pieces like pillows, rugs, or picture frames.

Image via: www.fevicoldesignideas.com


  1. Crisp White

Crisp and clean is always in style. Shades of white are always a go-to and ultimately a safe color for any space. If you decide to use white as your primary color remember to add a few cold accent pieces.


  1. Fresh Orange

Orange because we all know the importance of vitamin C. Using any orange for a summer look will have you feeling revitalized in any space. Orange has always been the color of summer.

Image via: HGTV


There you go! Some of our favorite colors that you will seeing around all summer long. Don’t be afraid to have fun, and always add your personality to define your space.