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Our Promise

The Red Vault showcases the latest design trends, while inspiring the creative side in the Texas design and build community – we’re the ultimate guide to a designed lifestyle. Through sharing the hottest designs and products of design influencers from Texas’ four major cities, The Red Vault raises the bar for great design.

Our Texas Pride

Founded in 2008, we opened to discerning buyers with Texas’ elite designers and homebuilders. As our passion for Houston design grew, so did our aspirations. Soon after, we began to spread to Austin, Dallas and San Antonio and redefined the Texas design scene. As more designers became a part of the Vault, we realized that not only does design inspire design, but so does life itself. We embraced this ideology as we expanded our website to include Texas lifestyle tips and highlights, and enhanced the way we pay tribute to professionals who craft Texas design – including designers, builders and vendors.

There is so much to discover in Texas design. From our explorations around the state, we’re connecting the best buyers and homeowners with exceptional interior designers, antique dealers, furnishing dealers and building and remodeling sources. Member profiles and our lifestyle and design blog are constantly updated with the latest in trending Texas designs to provide homeowners with everything you need for the ultimate resource for a designed lifestyle.