5 Cleaning Hacks for Pet Owners

At The Red Vault, we’re self-proclaimed animal lovers. We consider our pets to be another member of the family. As much as we love our four-legged friends, keeping the house spick and span can be a little ruff. TRV is coming to the rescue with 5 cleaning hacks every pet owner should know.

1. Clean bedding regularly

Dogs nap most of the day, so it’s only natural that their beds accumulate lots of dirt and dander over time. Before purchasing your pup’s bedding, make sure it has a removable fabric cover. Vacuum the bed two times a week or give it a shake outside to remove the excess fur. Using detergent free of dyes and fragrances, wash the cover in cold water and add one cup of baking soda to reduce odor. Dry the bedding for 20 minutes and use a pet-friendly dryer sheet.

2. Be prepared for rain storms and the subsequent muddy paws

Yes, the sound of raindrops hitting the window is soothing, but as pet owners, we dread the rain because we know what comes next – muddy paws. To prevent paw prints from dirtying your squeaky-clean floors, fill a container one-third of the way with warm water and keep it by your door. Dip your pup’s paws in the water and dry them off with an old towel.

3. Use rubber gloves to remove pet hair from furniture

As much as we adore our pets, nobody likes sitting on a couch covered in fur. To remove pet hair from your couch or bed, put on a rubber glove and dampen your hand with water. Run your hand over the furniture and you’ll see that hair starts sticking to the glove. Rinse your hand and repeat until your surface is safe for sitting.

4. Say goodbye to urine stains thanks to baking soda

Even the best-trained dogs are susceptible to accidents. In case your pup happens to make a mess on your carpet, soak up as much of the urine as possible and then pour baking soda over the spot. Let it sit for at least 10 minutes and then vacuum. This will help remove the stain and reduce the odor.

5. Vacuum not once, but twice

Carpets love pet hair and getting them to part ways can be tough. When vacuuming your floor, go over the fur-filled area at least twice to help loosen up their grip.

Pets bring lots of love and joy into our homes and with these hacks, you won’t have to worry about the messes that come along with your four-legged friend. Pet owners, do you have cleaning hacks you’d like to share with us? Let us know on Twitter!

Feature Photo By: Werner Straube via Traditional Home