Shop Talk: IBB Design Fine Furnishings

With a Texas-sized city like Dallas looking for a shop that has all the style that Dallas has to offer was not simple. Then, we came across this stylish and bold award-winning firm encompassing a 40,000-square-foot fine furnishings store and design resource center staffed by seventeen professional designers. Located in Frisco, this space offers a diverse mix of name-brand home furnishings and accessories that are hand-picked by their talented staff of over 17 interior designers. Sometimes known as “The place to shop for furnishings with style and luxurious designer details”, the huge selection of inventory is a dream come true for everyone who is or isn’t on a budget. Every time you enter the 40,000 ft space you are automatically wowed with the latest trends and the most breathtaking accessories.

Take a second to prepare and engage in the story of the multiple showrooms that aim to please. If this is a piece of what Dallas has to offer we need to see every inch. IBB is of course, #VaultApproved!

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 6.38.05 PM

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 6.37.31 PM

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 6.37.43 PM

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 6.36.26 PM

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 6.36.36 PM



All gorgeous photos via: IBB Design Fine Furnishings