Interior Feature: Spring Décor in Full Bloom!

Spring Décor

Just like that, spring is right around the corner, and we are not upset at all! When a new season arrives (especially spring), it comes with new possibilities—but most importantly, new décor. It’s only been a few months into the year and Pantone’s color of the year, greenery, has made its way into everything interior design. We are ready to see the full impact of the color of the year as it’s incorporated into spring’s décor trends. Seasonal décor shouldn’t be a lengthy task; simply use what you have and swap out a few things to get an easy, spring makeover. Here are a couple of simple-but-bold decorations tips:


Fill That Vase


You can literally do this one decoration and you will be in spring mode. Vases are most likely hiding underneath your sink and dying to make a comeback. All you need to do is go to your nearest floral store, grab a handful of natural or artificial flowers, and get some use out of that vase sitting around. If you looking for a bigger project, simply spray paint the vase with a hue of blue.



More Florals


The vintage look has been around a while, and it’s not leaving anytime soon. Another simple-but-sophisticated tip is to find a vintage trunk and add a couple florals. Vintage trunks are used for lots of miscellaneous storage—why not show off your spring style?


Mason Jars


At one point in time, mason jars were considered essential for organizing knickknacks or filling with baby-shower goodies. Mason jars are still useful for an easy centerpiece. Take a clear or painted mason jar and fill it up with feminine-colored flowers to create a charming centerpiece for spring and summer.


Bunnies and Eggs


With spring comes Easter. It’s no surprise that living rooms and entryways will be overrun by all sorts of floral arrangements. You’re going to use your Easter décor either way, why not just intertwine both? Combining pastel-colored eggs and fresh flowers puts a unique spin on your spring décor and allows you to get more use out of eggs designated just for that Easter bunny.