Interior Feature: Mixing Patterns in Your Home

Easy Ways to Mix Patterns in Your Home


Are you wanting to combine patterns in a room in your home, but aren’t entirely sure how to make it work? Don’t worry—there are a myriad of options that you can try out to turn your space into a patterned paradise. Here are a few of our favorite tips!


  1. Use Odd Numbers


Designs arranged in odd numbers (especially three’s) are more appealing, memorable, and effective than even-numbered groupings., and it’s the same when it comes to adding more patterns into your space. Three is the minimum number of patterns that you should be using. The key to doing this is to use varying sizes of the patterns you wish to use.


  1. Repeating Colors


Repeating colors in each pattern you choose to use can help to evenly distribute patterns around your space. Accentuate underplayed but shared colors within each pattern! For example, if you use a striped pattern, repeat it somewhere else in the room, even if the color and scale change.

Beth Lindsey Interior Design

Beth Lindsey


  1. Play with Different Pattern Sizes


Using different pattern sizes can help to make your room look less cluttered. You’ll want to select the largest pattern first to serve as a starting point for all the other patterns you want to use.


  1. Distribute Patterns Evenly


When working with patterns, you’ll want to make sure they are weighted fairly evenly in the room you’re working in. Consider the elements of the room you want to add more patterns to: Does it have a fireplace? What is the paneling like? Once these aspects have been worked out, start with the largest pattern, then work your way down to the smallest.


Images via Beth Lindsey Designs