Interior Feature – An Easy Guide to Minimalism

Minimalist design has been trending on Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds for quite a while now, but what separates a stunning, minimally designed space from one that just isn’t cluttered? Creating these simple spaces isn’t a difficult task, but it does require some balance of key design elements to create the right minimal feel.

  1. Balance is Key

When working with a space without a lot of items in it, you will find that you will need to be more strict with your basic design rules like balance, proportion, and harmony. Your furniture should be in proportion with itself, and this means that nothing sticks out as being too big or too small. You want the visual weight of the room to be balanced, without one side of the room feeling heavier than the other.

  1. Quality Trumps Quantity

When you’re aiming for a minimal interior, you’re going to want to splurge when you can on high-quality and well-made pieces, as you aren’t trying to fit as much into the room as you can. Pieces that are unique finds always work best for this, rather than choosing something straight from a website or catalog.

  1. Details, Details, Details

The small touches and designs in the room are important when you’re aiming for a simple space. A gold framed mirror, an embroidered pillow, or even something you don’t immediately notice when you walk into the room. You want something that will add richness without creating clutter.

  1. Stick to Neutrals

While there have been simple, minimal spaces that have killed looks with color before, on the whole, when you’re aiming for a spectacular minimal environment it’s always best to stick with neutral tones.

  1. Maximize on Lighting

In minimal interiors, lighting is as important as the big furniture purchases you choose to make. You will need to know when light comes into your home and how it presents itself. Using window treatments to direct the light to where you want it can be a big help. For artificial lighting, splurging on one beautiful light fixture can set the tone for the entire space.


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Image via: Homedecort