Interior Feature: 4 Ways to Style Up Your Entryway!

Entryways (and sometimes foyers) are so important in the eyes of the décor gods. When guests arrive and do the typical walk-through, it’s the first piece of you they see. Sprucing up your entryway should be fun and tell a story about the people who live in that home. Incorporating a few new pieces allows your entryway to make a statement within seconds of the guest’s arrival.


1.Mirror, mirror on the wall

Who’s the fairest guest of all? A grand mirror opens up any entryway with plenty of light and space. A mirror can be your focal point—choose wisely.


2.Mix and match.

Foyers can be limited on space, and that’s okay. Choose a fun wall covering that will captivate the eye of your guests. Don’t focus on the coordinating color schemes; focus on the story you want to tell.


3.Art is always a good idea.


Placing a perfectly picked piece of art can be the final touch that any entryway needs. This art piece doesn’t have to be the next Picasso; choose a piece of art that you can relate to and something you can’t stop looking at.


4.You need that one piece.

Okay, so you have a grand mirror, you are not matching colors, and you have some art. What next? To tie it all together, you need a statement piece. Whether it’s a well-crafted rug or perfectly tufted bench, choosing this piece should reflect the feeling of the rest of the house. Or you can find a piece that has nothing to do with your décor, for an even bolder statement.


How is your entryway looking? We are all for bold and sophisticated entryways! Share your space with us on Facebook!